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Bioidentical Hormones

Biologically Identical Hormone therapy involves either oral or topically applied Body Identical hormones prescribed by a doctor.

The loss of essential hormones is a natural part of the ageing process, and often they diminish to the point where our bodies may not be able to function as optimally as they once did. Supplying Bio-Identical Hormones is a gentle way to slow this ageing process and help with any symptoms that this produces, by using hormones that the body is used to metabolising.

Who is it for?

Female and male adults who are having symptoms related to hormone imbalance or diminishing hormone levels due to the body's natural ageing process such as menopause, or due to a medical condition that has resulted in an under functioning hormone gland.

What conditions/symptoms can it benefit?

The menopause with symptoms such as fatigue, hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, depression and vaginal dryness. Hypothyroidism with symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, ankle and facial swelling, constipation and depression. Other conditions include adrenal fatigue, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and fatigue.

What to expect from a consultation

Your first appointment will be for one hour with one of our doctors. Prior to the consultation you will be asked to complete a comprehensive Health Questionnaire and a Food Diary.

During your consultation these will be discussed in detail and after learning your goals a plan of action will be created for you according to your specific needs. Tests are then usually run to ascertain your present level of hormones.

If you have already had these tests done in the previous six months then please bring the results with you to the appointment. The doctor will then discuss Bio-identical hormone therapy with you and depending on the blood test results, your symptoms, family history and previous medical history will prescribe bio-identical hormones for you. The Bio-identical hormone therapy will be used in conjunction with proper nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.