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"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings."


Tina Lond-Caulk


Tina joined the team 5 years ago shortly after graduating with a First Class Honours Bsc Health Sciences/Nutrition from the University of Westminster.

Prior to this Tina had 10 years experience in Health Club management before retraining as a Nutritionist. After meeting so many people suffering chronic long term ailments and obesity, she realised that she wanted to work more closely with them, to help manage their relationship with food, and ease their physical and emotional suffering.

Since graduating she has gone on to have two children. Her youngest son developed severe eczema and asthmatic symptoms within weeks of birth and was prescribed long term steroids. Tina has found that food allergies were the cause of her son's problems and since eliminating the offending foods he has been symptom free and no longer requires steroid treatment.

As a result of her experiences with her youngest son she is extremely skilled in helping with children who are having feeding or nutritional related problems. She also has a special interest in Nutrition for women trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Tina believes in working with clients to help them change their eating habits in a way that suits their lifestyle and has a sympathetic and down-to-earth approach which makes her very popular with her patients.

'Tina is great to see - I felt so motivated to make the diet changes she suggested. She makes it all so easy by giving meal plans, recipes and cooking tips. I've never felt or looked better in my life thanks to changing my diet. Tina is a real inspiration.'
Jane C

Nutritional Therapy