Dr Wendy Denning - The Health Doctors Dr Wendy Denning - The Health Doctors
"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings."


What to expect when you visit The Health Doctors

  • The Health Doctors is an integrated medical clinic where we look at your whole body functioning in dynamic equilibrium. This includes how the different parts of your physical body impact on each other as well as the impact that your mind. body, spirit and emotions have on each other and on your current state of health.
  • We also combine medical expertise with first rate complementary therapies for a thorough holistic diagnosis and treatment.
  • When you call to make an appointment our staff will assess your individual needs and wishes and help find the right practitioner for you.
  • Once you have made an appointment a confirmation will be sent to you with a detailed health questionnaire and four day food and mood diary.
  • The health questionnaire forms a very important part of your diagnosis and ongoing treatment and should therefore be filled in thoroughly and thoughtfully and bought to your appointment.
  • You should record in the 4 day food diary everything that you eat and drink during this time and how this affects your mood. This gives you and the practitioner a good idea of your general day to day eating habits and should therefore be filled out on a normal 4 days preferably including a weekend day when your eating and drinking may differ slightly.
  • Your first consultation will last 1 hour and during this time you and your practitioner will carefully go through the health questionnaire and food diary. You will discuss your presenting complaints, goals and any medical issues and be examined if necessary.
  • You will be advised of any tests your practitioner feels you need, which will be carried out by the nurse here at The Health Doctors or you may be given a kit to carry out a test at home. For your treatment you will be advised about any dietary or lifestyle changes necessary, be given a supplement regime and/or herbal medicine and possibly a medical prescription.
  • It is normal practise to have at least one 30min follow up after your initial consultation to see how you are progressing on the treatment plan. It is often as important as the first consultation to make adjustments in the recommended regime. It is especially important if you have had any tests, to allow the practitioner to give you the results and interpretation as this may change your original treatment prescription.